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Saturday, 24 May 2014


This game is a really fun starter that gets children engaged and active straight away. Once you have set up the cards it takes little time to organise, and also has cross-curricular benefits such as Geography/ OAA/ Literacy.

Set Up
1. Create Laminate Cards with 2 flags of countries playing in the world cup e.g. England and Italy. One flag will be identified as the country the student is currently at, the other will be the country the child will need to move to next. (See below)

2.  Create a checklist so that students can write the order of nations they have encountered, this will show you that they have not missed out any countries. You dont have to be fancy though, a piece of paper an pen will be fine!

3. Place/ Stick/ Tie/ Attach the laminate sheets around the space you are using.

1. Students can work on their own or in groups for this task
2. The aim of the game is start at one country and then move around the space to find the country/ flag that is identified as next in order. The first team that goes around all the flags so that they have returned back to their first country is the winner. They must write down the order of the countries to show they have completed it correctly

1.One member of the team goes every time, reducing the amount the child is running because you are switching around every time

1. Do not provide the students with the names of the countries, instead they must remember by the flag
2. Spread the sheets out so that they have further to run

Example sheet

You are currently in England ----------------------------------> Next stop is Italy

Equipment Required
Pens/ Paper/ Laminated country cards/ checklist

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